Charlie Ringler is a Computer Science and Engineering major at The Ohio State University. He plans on working in cyber security after graduation. At The Backpack Fund, Charlie is the Director of Technology. Charlie graduated from Riverside High School in 2018. As an alumnus he is excited to help Riverside students have an opportunity to pursue education without worrying about financial struggles.



Noah Levy is an anthropology and communications student at The College of Wooster. Noah graduated from Riverside High School in 2018, playing lacrosse at both a high school and collegiate level. Here at The Backpack fund, he serves as the Director of Communications. He has hopeful prospects for his future, in a career where he can build connections with the people around him and anyone he meets.



Matt Parsons is the President of The Backpack Fund. He currently attends The Ohio State University. He is majoring in Chemical Engineering, minoring in Humanitarian Engineering, and earning certificates in Global Engineering and Diversity and Inclusion. Matt graduated from Riverside High School in 2018. In high school, he was most involved in woodshop and community service. Matt has a passion for education and serving kids. In the future he wants to work with UNICEF and become a professor of Humanitarian Engineering.